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About Me

I am Laura – a warm-hearted, energetic, and cheerful person who always loves new challenges. My journey has taken me from Zurich to Singapore and on to stops in Hong Kong, Beijing, and London, before I settled back in my wonderful hometown of Zurich in 2015. After graduating in Banking and Finance in St. Gallen, I started my career in investment banking, specializing in foreign exchange. After a decade in this industry, it was clear to me: It was time to transform my passion into something that benefits not just myself, but others as well. Thus, I founded my company 'GAIA Children'. The idea for GAIA emerged during the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020 and didn't let go until I found the courage to leave my previous profession behind and embark on a new adventure.
On May 5, 2022, I became a mother myself – now my company is not my only baby. As a mom of a charming boy, I now bring my passion for business management and love for parenthood together. With the additional perspective of a mother, I strive to continuously improve and develop GAIA to create a world that positively influences future generations. I am very happy about any constructive feedback and ideas.
Thank you for being part of the GAIA community.
With much love,

Why "GAIA"?

Why "GAIA": From an early age, even before I could articulate words clearly, I instinctively gestured to myself and referred to myself as "Gaia". As such, during the initial years of my life, I identified myself as Gaia (although my given name is Laura). Intriguingly, in Greek mythology, Gaia represents the Earth and is regarded as the primordial mother of all life. This fortunate coincidence inspired the creation of the name GAIA Children.
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Our values

We believe deeply in the power of love and care in a child's growth and development. Everything we do at GAIA is infused with these important emotions, from selecting high quality products to providing support and assistance to parents. With our community, we want to create a trustworthy, calm and peaceful atmosphere where parents and children feel safe and secure. GAIA is not only a place where you can rent products, but via our Instagram channel also a cozy (online) corner where you can be understood and ask your questions.

We are fresh

We bring a fresh perspective on parenting to your life. GAIA is not only a practical solution for your children, but also an easy, stress-free approach to parenting. We believe that happy children are children who feel free and in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to free yourself from worries and enjoy every moment of your family life.

We are supportive

We understand that parenthood is not only a physical job, but also an emotional journey. That's why we strive to be more than just a brand, but a trusted partner supporting you every step of the way on your parenting journey. GAIA creates opportunities for you and your child to enjoy moments together without worrying about everyday struggles. We help you create memories filled with joy and laughter.

We are trustworthy

At GAIA, trust is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to earning and solidifying your trust in every interaction by consistently acting with honesty and reliability. We are committed to curating high-quality products and providing support for parents. Through our community, we cultivate a trustworthy environment that ensures safety and comfort, making GAIA more than just a place to find products.
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GAIA Children is a visionary startup that focuses on the circular economy as its core concern. Our foundation stems from the clear need to make the baby and children's sector more sustainable. We aim not only for sustainability but also for flexibility, cost-saving opportunities, and efficiency to provide parents with a holistic solution. Moreover, we see ourselves as a vibrant community that promotes exchange among parents and works together towards a better future for our children.
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