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The spirit of giving in a circular economy

Published on 14.11.2021
Less than six weeks to go and it’s Christmas! Time flies by these days (or is it just me?) and this year I want to make sure that there are no last-minute trips to the store to buy presents! Less presents and instead more quality time with the ones dear to me is what is becoming more and more important each year.

With today’s society changing to always “faster”, “newer”, “better” and “more of everything”, I’d like to take a step back and appreciate what we really have and how we can contribute to a better future for our kids. After all, christmas is all about love and making other people’s lives happier and better.

So here’s an idea: Why don’t you leave (maybe completely?) your comfort zone and instead of buying presents, buy a GAIA voucher as a present, so that parents can rent the toys they want for their kids and return them once they are no longer needed? Gone are the times where hundreds of plastic toys are unwrapped, only to end up in the corner a few weeks later. We at GAIA offer vouchers with different amounts and there is another perk: By spending on a voucher, you get an extra 10% of your money’s worth AND earn points. These points will offer you more perks in the future. So… what are you waiting for?

Apart from toys, we also offer Christmas outfits, bob sleds, snow jackets or other practical day to day items. Why don’t you look at our Christmas inspiration!

Enjoy this beautiful time and thank you for being a valued GAIA Community member. We always strive for the better and are always appreciative of your feedback and product ideas.

Thank you,

Published on 14.11.2021
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GAIA Children is a visionary startup that focuses on the circular economy as its core concern. Our foundation stems from the clear need to make the baby and children's sector more sustainable. We aim not only for sustainability but also for flexibility, cost-saving opportunities, and efficiency to provide parents with a holistic solution. Moreover, we see ourselves as a vibrant community that promotes exchange among parents and works together towards a better future for our children.
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