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"Circular Economy" and how GAIA is helping

Published on 20.07.2022

The world has a problem: consumption. GAIA has the solution: renting. 

Our consumption of natural resources and use of materials are reaching dangerous levels. Since 1970 we have tripled the global use of natural resources*. We simply cannot carry on like this. We have to move away from "more of everything" and start consuming in a sustainable manner. 

Circularity is helping to tackle this problem by maximizing the lifespan of a product and therefore minimizing resources to sustain our future generations. This is particularly important in the Baby and Children Industry, especially regarding textiles, as they grow out of their garments (and other items) so quickly, thereby creating waste. The average Swiss person has 118 pieces of clothing in their closet, buys 60 new pieces of clothing each year and 40% of those are only worn 2-4 times or never at all. 50'000 tonnes of used clothing and textiles are disposed in Switzerland each year*. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Not only due to the uncontrollable amounts of waste, but also from immense water consumption, chemical use and energy needed for processes, among others. 

Now you may say: Yes but a lot of clothes are recycled. 

The answer: Yes, but only less than 1% !! Over 100 tonnes of textiles are thrown away every day in Switzerland alone. 

Let's sum this up: On a global level, the textile industry creates 5-10% of global Co2 emissions. At the current rate, this could increase to 26% by 2050!

It's clear that we have to do something about this. GAIA aims to help. 

Circular Economy and GAIA

Baby clothes and baby items are expensive and they don’t fit for long. Instead of buying, start renting with GAIA and choose what your little one needs, for the time it needs the item, all while saving money at the same time. 

Speaking of time, time is precious. Whether you are working or not, there is always too much to do. We want you to spend as much time with your little one as possible and have therefore created an easy return and exchange process where you do not have to worry about getting rid or selling your things anymore.

Renting with GAIA also helps you save space in your wardrobe or cellar. Why keep something for years or for the next season when you need it for a short period of time only? Like… flying on holidays and you need a travel stroller? Going hiking and need a carrier? Want to give a changing table heater a try or need a travel bed because you’re visiting your in-laws?

GAIA provides you with the resources you need, for the time you need them. Our aim is to provide you with the hiqh quality and sustainable items that you deserve. We will reuse them as long as they allow us to. Pre-loved, we like to call it. Our new business model should satisfy you without the need to own the physical product. 

It’s a win-win situation for parents and our planet. You'll become part of our Circular Economy Model and do your part in helping the environment so that our little ones have a bright future. 

*Circularity as the New Normal by PWC
Published on 20.07.2022
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GAIA Children is a visionary startup that focuses on the circular economy as its core concern. Our foundation stems from the clear need to make the baby and children's sector more sustainable. We aim not only for sustainability but also for flexibility, cost-saving opportunities, and efficiency to provide parents with a holistic solution. Moreover, we see ourselves as a vibrant community that promotes exchange among parents and works together towards a better future for our children.
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